Violet Rose vs Kody Evans: They’re My Trophy

The film opens with Violet Rose upset about their last fight where Kody not only stole her shoes but also rubbed them in her face. Out for revenge, the angry brunette falls quickly and it looks like the blond will beat her again. Kody talks trash and stands on her hands and feet. Whenever possible she has her feet on the frustrated brunette. Kody enjoys hurting Violet Rose but just when you think the dark haired model has had enough, she surprises not only us but also Kody. Now it’s Violet Rose’s turn to dominate. She’s angry as she hurts Kody. She also uses her feet when she can, at one point standing on the blond’s face. Eventually she removes Kody’s beloved Vans and shoves them in her face, giving Kody a taste, or is it a smell, of her own medicine.  Even after Kody cries out her surrender, the petit model isn’t finished as she wants total revenge. You’ll have to watch it to see how far she takes things.


17 Minutes


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