Content Rules

Please read and follow these rules very carefully. Breaking ANY of the following rules could result in your studio being permanently closed!

Prohibited Content

Some adult content is prohibited by credit card processors due to their guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety and integrity of financial transactions. This includes content that depicts activities such as non-consensual sexual acts, extreme violence, child pornography, and other explicit or harmful behavior. By adhering to these guidelines and prohibiting such content on our website, we uphold industry standards and protect both our users and our business relationships. It is essential to maintain compliance with these regulations to continue operating smoothly within the online payment ecosystem.

Undocumented Content

There cannot be any content (clips or images) uploaded to our servers that does not have accompanying Performer Documentation (Performer’s signed & dated Consent Form and a government-issued Photo ID proving the individual is at least 18 years old and the age of majority).

No Candid, Hidden, or Voyeur Camera Content

There cannot be any content (clips or images) featuring individuals that are clothed, nude, or otherwise where the individuals are being filmed covertly by a hidden camera (phone etc.), without their knowledge or written consent, whether in a public or private area (e.g., on the street, beaches, in parks, restaurants, malls, airports, or at events (trade shows, concerts), including a private home or business, etc.). Additionally, there cannot be any content (clips/videos or images) featuring any individual’s full body, face, or body parts (feet, buttocks, breasts, full upper or lower bodies, etc.) being covertly filmed, as well as recognizable individuals in background random crowd shots, and any other content where any individuals depicted in the content have not given their express consent to be filmed, signed a dated consent form for the use of their image and likeness, and provided their government-issued photo ID to you to verify age.

Intentionally Violating Rules

No content (clips, videos or images) can be sold through AchievMo Media Group that intentionally violates our stated Rules and Regulations (e.g., You cannot knowingly sell a clip through our services and then provide a “full, uncut” version that violates any of our rules outside of AchievMo Media Group via email or other means, etc.). If you are found doing this, your studio and/or master account (all studios) may be permanently closed and/or terminated.

Intentionally Using Banned Words

Any attempt to intentionally subvert and/or bypass the block of a banned word (words, phrases, and/or terms which are blocked from being displayed on AchievMo Media Group) by using numbers, special characters, or intentional misspelling (for example: b@nn3d w04d) is not allowed. If you are found doing this, your studio and/or master account (all studios) may be permanently closed and/or terminated.

No Underage Material Real, Simulated, or References to Infants, Newborns, Children, or Individuals Under the Age of 18 in Any Way (including the use of child-like dolls)

All actors must be and appear to be 18 years of age or older in any clips, videos, or images. References to infants, newborns, children, or individuals under the age of 18 in a sexual manner are strictly forbidden. Including, but not limited to performers acting as if an underage individual is participating in a scene, the use of or any sexual activity with infant/child-like dolls, and if children/minors can be heard in the background of any video, regardless of the context, are strictly forbidden.

No Incest (Real or Simulated)

No real or simulated incestuous (blood relations) acts are allowed. Only fictional, “step-family” / “in-law” relations are permitted in any clips, videos, or images.

No Non-Consensual Activity (Real or Simulated)

You cannot show someone performing any acts (sexual or non-sexual) against their will (e.g., violence, excessive distress) or without their knowledge (e.g., the performer is “hypnotized” either real or simulated, or they are unconscious or sleeping, i.e., their eyes are closed) in any clips, videos, or images. Including, but not limited to content depicting the use of a pendulum to simulate hypnosis and/or mentions the word “hypnosis” is strictly forbidden.

No Offensive or Hateful Content

Offensive or “hate speech” such as, racial slurs, symbols, or any other hateful content based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, disability, political views, world conflicts, wars, other highly sensitive issues, or other factors will not be permitted on any clips, videos, or images. Content in which religious materials are being desecrated or where the viewer is instructed to desecrate such materials will not be allowed. Including, but not limited to all content that is blatantly inflammatory with an intent to cause distress in the viewer, or could potentially cause negative attention to be focused on the platform as a whole are strictly prohibited.

No Fraudulent Sexual Activity

Your content cannot involve actual fraud, deception, or misrepresentation in connection with sexual activity. This rule does not prohibit staged or fantasy productions. Federal sex trafficking laws prohibit (among other things) commercial sexual activity that results from fraud. Depictions of any such real-world activity is strictly prohibited.

No Forced Sexual Activity (Real or Simulated)

You cannot indicate or imply that someone is being forced or coerced into having sexual activity against their will in any clips, videos, or images.

No Self-Harm or Encouragement of Self-Harm by a 3rd Party

There cannot be any depiction of, discussion of, or encouragement of self-harm by a 3rd Party in any clips, videos, or images. The depiction, discussion, encouragement of extreme violence, abuse, self-harm, or suicide are strictly forbidden.

No Horror/Snuff

You cannot act out or describe someone being maimed or killed in any clips, videos, or images.

No Necro (necrophilia)

You cannot have sexual activity with or depictions of dead people (real or simulated) in any clips, videos, or images.

No Blood (Real or Simulated)

There cannot be any blood or simulated blood shown in any clips, videos, or images.

No Suffocation (Asphyxiation) or Use of Implements (tools/weapons) to Alter a Performer’s Breathing

You cannot suffocate or insinuate altering someone’s breathing in any way (e.g., extreme choking, extreme strangulation, hanging by the neck, etc.) in any clips, videos, or images. Including, but not limited to the use of a “garrote” around a performer’s throat – such as, a handheld ligature made of chain, rope, scarf/material, wire, fishing line, cord, plastic bags, belts, etc. which are wrapped around a performers neck or over their head and face to insinuate their breathing is being altered are strictly forbidden.

No Animals / Sexual Activity with Animals

There cannot be any sexual activity or inappropriate conduct with animals. Please make sure there are no animals (i.e., other living creatures – not human) in any of the clips, videos, or images.

No Scat (feces)

There cannot be any feces or simulated feces in any clips, videos, or images.

No Consuming (Drinking) Piss/Pee (Urine)

You cannot show someone consuming (drinking/ingesting, licking, swallowing etc.) urine in any clips, videos, or images.

No Weapons

There can be no firearms, weapons, or goods whose sale, possession, or use is subject to prohibitions or restrictions, or that are used in a threatening manner, cause bodily harm, or are used in a sexual manner in any clips, videos, or images. This includes prop/fake weapons which look real. Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, swords, explosives, and knives are strictly forbidden.

No Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, or Encouragement of Drug Use by a 3rd Party

There cannot be any drugs or encouragement of drug use, including fictitious chemicals or substances shown, used, or referenced in any clips, videos, or images. Including, but not limited to chloroform, laughing gas, marijuana, whippits, poppers, all federally prohibited scheduled drugs, substances, and chemicals, etc. are strictly forbidden.

No Intoxication

Someone cannot be intoxicated during sexual activity in any clips, videos, or images. This includes, but is not limited to alcohol, drugs, and all other substances that cause intoxication or can cause someone to be considered as being under the influence.

No Crushing

There is to be no crushing of any animal, insect, or fish (Vertebrate or Invertebrate) in any clips, videos, or images, including but not limited to snails, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, crayfish (crawdads), spiders, fish, scorpions, lizards, and all other creatures. You may ONLY crush prepared/cooked food and/or inanimate objects.

The foregoing rules are subject to change at any time, in our discretion. Any determination regarding the breach of our rules is final. Please review our current rules carefully before submitting any content.

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