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Feature/Aspect AMG / AchievMoMediaGroup.com Clips4Sale.com OnlyFans.com LoyalFans.com ManyVids.com
Revenue Share 75% (Creators) / 25% (Platform) 60% (Creators) / 40% (Platform) 80% (Creators) / 20% (Platform) 80% (Creators) / 20% (Platform) 80% (Creators) / 20% (Platform)
Revenue Share Reductions YES - As low as 85% / 15% No No No No
Own Domain/URL Yes No No No No
Customer Data Access Yes No No No No
Payment Methods ACH, PayPal, Zelle, Wise, Check ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, Paxum ACH, Wire Transfer, eWallets ACH, Wire Transfer, Paxum, SEPA ACH, Wire Transfer, Paxum, SEPA
Content Types Video Clips, Custom Clips, PPV Video Clips, Custom Clips Photos, Videos, Live Streams, PPV Video Clips, Custom Clips, PPV Video Clips, Custom Clips, PPV
Audience All audiences Niche, Fetish General Adult Content General Adult Content General Adult Content
Subscription Options No No Yes Yes Yes
Tip/Donation Options Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Messaging Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Live Streaming Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fan Interaction (Comments) Limited (Clip Comments) Extensive (DMs) (Comments) Extensive (DMs)
Payout Frequency Instant Payouts Bi-weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly
Geographic Restrictions Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Special Features Direct sales Large variety of niche categories Wide reach Subscription-based LoyalFans Academy
Mobile App Yes No Yes (Limited Functionality) No No
Market Position Innovative and Customizable Established niche platform Mainstream widely recognized Growing in popularity
Advertising/Marketing Advanced Limited Limited Yes Yes
Custom Branding Yes No No No No
Creator Support Extensive + Dedicated Managers - *Red Glove Support Standard Standard Some Some
Content Protection Advanced Basic Basic Basic Some
Collaboration Features Extensive No Limited Limited Some
Community Building Yes No No Some Some
User-Friendly Interface Highly Optimized Basic Basic Basic Some

Why Choose AMG?

Higher Revenue Share:

Keep more of what you earn with our industry-leading 90% revenue share.

Instant Payouts:

Access your earnings immediately with our multiple payment options, including crypto.

Custom Branding:

Stand out with your own domain and customized branding options.

Full Control:

Own your customer data and gain valuable insights to better understand and engage your audience.

Comprehensive Support:

Benefit from extensive creator support and dedicated account managers to help you succeed.

Enhanced Fan Interaction:

Engage with your fans like never before with live chat and interactive features.

Content Protection:

Protect your content with advanced security features to ensure your work stays yours.

Collaborate and Build Community:

Work with other creators and build a strong community within our platform.

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